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Helsinki... Steht ja schon für Fastfood oder nicht..? Für Andy und mich war es vom letzten Jahr auf jeden Fall klar, dass wir unsere Hauptnahrung im Mac Donalds zu uns nehmen werden. Am Anfang war uns der Konsum noch zu gering, dies Pendelte sich jedoch immer wie mehr ein. Unser Tagesrythmus liess auch teilweise gar nichts anderes mehr zu, wenn man morgens um 3.00 Uhr noch was essen möchte, ist der 24h Mac am Hauptbahnhof auch die einzige Lösung. 


Anzeige: 31 - 40 von 43.

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Boomer Boomer aus FJUSjvmWcdfwJaCBrdH

I think I'm in the club that isn't a fan of the model cakes' style (although they are beautifully executed). The A monkey is almost cute, although execution isn't perfect and that dead monkey to the left is rather disturbing.Poor Maksim, glad he's too young to know how horrible that cake is (or to remember it). What's with the pig-crabs??? And the one after that-- it at least looks edible. Is it a dog-monkey?The sunset model cake looks like an 11 year old girl went nuts with the puffy foam. And I've never seen a purple-trunked palm tree! The last one is lovely in concept, just execution needs work (*smooth* the icing, folks!!).


Dienstag, 04.12.2012 13:07 Uhr    -   tyyzhaoxu(at)    -

Millie Millie aus buTIRwljYHXnkp

Oook... the eyes on the first monkey remind me of aliens... although otherwise it's pretty good. The second monkey has no nose. Or maybe the nose is the thing at the bottom of it's head and it has no mouth. I have NO idea. Notice the subtle dead monkey to the left of the middle one. And unfortunately, that monkey loos like it is about sixty percent poo. The third monkey is... interesting! It's like curious george after eating three turkeys and then getting drunk. The pig looks like an evil mario nemisis. Look! It can shoot cannon balls out of it's snout! The fourth monkey's terribleness can barely be put to words. Squished snout, googly eyes, poo body, and frog-like position. The palm trees are actually quite pretty! Now the last cake... ok first of all the top is brownish blue. I think that means that the baker was very aware of pollution. Another thing... too much frosting!


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