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Auch dieses Jahr wieder starteten wir einen schönen Eisenstangen Trip in den Norden. Dieses Jahr mit dabei Andy W. und Elmo zusammen mit der Scharfschützen Crew ( Am Samstag Morgen um 6.00 giengs los ab Luzern in Richtung Zürich Flughafen und von dort via München nach Helsinki. Mit einer Stunde verspätung kamen wir schlussendlich um 15.00 in Helsinki an und wurden von den zwei Stunden vorher gestrandeten Schützen abgeholt. Die 2 Autos, eher zwei Vorkriegsmodelle bieten zwar nicht geraden den Luxus einer Chevelyne, doch transportieren uns problemlos von Spot zu Spot. Sofort wurde der erste Stopp ins Navi eingetippt und so giengs los zum Material fassen. Ungefähr 30 km entfernt holten wir Generator, Lampen, Schaufeln und alles was dazu gehört. Der erste Spot, uns auch schon bekannt vom letzten Jahr, befand sich in Helsinki und ziemlich schnell starteten wir eine gemütliche Session bis tief in die Nacht. Um 2.00 gieng uns dann der Benzin aus, dem Generator auch und so entschlossen wir uns in unser Hostel zu gehen...


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Wow. I’m surprised at the lack of impassioned response. I HATE it when people say “we’re in grad school” or some variety of that. HATE it. It bothers me to no end. I lose respect for people who say it. I have made people promise me that they will not say that. I’m sorry, there is no “we” about it. The person who goes to school gets the degree. They take the tests,, they go to class, they study. Thats what getting a degree is. It isn’t emotional support, it isn’t the day to day things that might actually be “we” sort of activities. There are things in life that are certainly joint efforts, and for people who are married while they are getting an education, getting though school cetainly is a joint effort – but the actual school part belongs to one person, the person who has his or her name on the diploma. Kind of like the person who actually goes to work has the job, even if someone else is there as a support system. Saying “we are here for grad school” is more okay, because it leaves some ambiguity about who is in grad school and doesn’t imply that they both are. “We’re in grad school” is simply incorrect, and its pretty offensive as well.


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Hello, I love your little critters, adore them but I’m here to ask a favor, I am an academic in a design school, and in June I am to present a paper on knitters stash, a sort of light hearted yet serious look at changes to the way stash is being thought of in the online knit community. I love your blog post from 2007 where you post images of your MIL’s stash – and ask if I may use one in my lecture? I will not be gaining any money from the presentation, and I will of course acknowledge in full academic conventions the photos owner and origin, please do contact me as I would love to show your image to a room of museum and costume researchers – who often treat costume artifacts as existing without any maker, to be conserved – my role is to alert them to the making and planning side of the costume and textiles artifact.please do contact me,Stella Lange


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