21.01.2011 20:00 - EB


Auch dieses Jahr wieder starteten wir einen schönen Eisenstangen Trip in den Norden. Dieses Jahr mit dabei Andy W. und Elmo zusammen mit der Scharfschützen Crew ( Am Samstag Morgen um 6.00 giengs los ab Luzern in Richtung Zürich Flughafen und von dort via München nach Helsinki. Mit einer Stunde verspätung kamen wir schlussendlich um 15.00 in Helsinki an und wurden von den zwei Stunden vorher gestrandeten Schützen abgeholt. Die 2 Autos, eher zwei Vorkriegsmodelle bieten zwar nicht geraden den Luxus einer Chevelyne, doch transportieren uns problemlos von Spot zu Spot. Sofort wurde der erste Stopp ins Navi eingetippt und so giengs los zum Material fassen. Ungefähr 30 km entfernt holten wir Generator, Lampen, Schaufeln und alles was dazu gehört. Der erste Spot, uns auch schon bekannt vom letzten Jahr, befand sich in Helsinki und ziemlich schnell starteten wir eine gemütliche Session bis tief in die Nacht. Um 2.00 gieng uns dann der Benzin aus, dem Generator auch und so entschlossen wir uns in unser Hostel zu gehen...


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Jace Jace aus SqhqsSXI

Inés : thank you <3Stephanie : but it's a little bit nice in the beginning of winter too, the first days you get to wear your warm jacket isn't it?Ruby Roulette : Few things bear summer - but, the first autumn mornings can be pretty fine too, even though could and foggy. On with mittens and a scarf, in for a cup of tea later. And thanks, we'll need all the good wishes possible for the renovation and move :9 But I won't be moving quite yet, we'll paint and renovate for a couple of weeks first, starting now!Esme and the Lane Way : A smeg, yey! Any colour preferations? And I will vertainly put pictures of the new home duting summer :)Ina : nä jag vet, sniff*


Samstag, 23.02.2013 07:16 Uhr    -   craigjritchie(at)    -

Keesha Keesha aus axylILjXPmh

I saw the door opened, two girls sullenly went straight upstairs bedroom and saw a stranger neither greeted nor asked who, with stones passing. I now have to rush on the plane, the Hong Kong side asked me to go back to work one day, he found the wallet, "You need money, the first branch you two thousand dollars, eight or ten days when I can come back." yt66dyg Such a perfect home, but also failed to keep the mistress of the heart, a person's heart can see how odd surprise. Stone took her into the car, fasten your seat belt for her, called her sister to sit at ease beside the head by his sister on his shoulders. Stone smile, out of a man is not easy, area girls talent so exquisitely carved, but in the Chinese restaurant dispensers.


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Amberlee Amberlee aus yeebHntlNwTQCUbTiK

I’d really like book swap place to be relaxed with some comfy seats, rocking chair would be nice and hammock chairs. And well obviosly lots of place to bookshelves! For example tall bookshelves and they could have chalkboard paint on the borders so people could write messages and maybe what kind of books are in which shelf. It would be nice addittion if there would be some kind of recommendations-shelf, where some of the people working at the airport could put their recommendations from the book swap place. I think it would be also cool if you could somehow trace down where from your new book came from or possibly where the book you left there is going maybe have like own twitter channel for the books and showcase it on the screen at the place. I’d really like if the place could showcase some changing charities or causes at the place, especially the ones which focus on enhancing literacy, and have a point where people can leave their small coins for the charity, kind of like the exchange for taking a book with them


Mittwoch, 06.02.2013 03:40 Uhr    -   d.sekris(at)    -

Gerry Gerry aus HmhPoKJC

Hej JensNu har du faktiskt komimt se5 le5ngt hemifre5n som det e4r mf6jligt. Hoppas att du skall fe5 en intressant vistelse i NZ och det skall bli ett nf6je att fe5 ff6lja med under dina bravader. He4lsningar Christer & Clarita


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