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Am Tag vom Schlüsselbeinbruch, gab es noch einiges an Shots. Hier mal eine kurze Vorschau im OUT OF FOCUS Edit. Viel Spass dabei.

Flash ist Pflicht!


Anzeige: 81 - 90 von 93.

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Morrie Morrie aus bEUHchuixL

I have been reading alot of the back meaning towards majoras mask and i came across a few interesting points. As you can see through out each level a different emotion brews inside the people i.e. In woodfall ANGER is displayed from the missing of the princess thus accusing the monkey. In the goron level (forgot the name) BARGAINING is displayed by the gorons for their great leade to come back The great bay display DEPRESSION of the zoras due to many factor i.e. the eggs, death of the lead singer The tower stone level shows DENIAL having the spirits of the dead walking among the living And finally on the last day the people of the city show ACCEPTANCE of the moon falling having them make independent decisions I connected all the dots together and realized these are the five grieving steps but not in order has anyone come across this accusation


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Hayle Hayle aus ChttuHQLKzRexEh

adds alot of depth to MM. You can tell you inspired yourself while writing this. I had heard this theory before but this strengthins and expands upon it. MM is definately a story about having faith. link starts out the story in a fog of doubt. by the end of the story he has become the faith of termina and believes in himself. And to quote something Obama said when running for election, be the change you want to see. That stands true as the message of MM as well. In ooT, Navi accompanied you on your journey. She gave companionship and advice and reassurance to link along their journey, but in MM it is link who must learn to believe in himself and instill faith in others such as Tatl. Also in ooT, link is told throughout the story about his legend and how he is chosen by the gods to bring peace to the land. The master sword is deemed the bane of evils existance and his path to victory is layed before him in a clear matter his birth and life being revealed to him as the story goes on. In MM his path is much more vague and ambiguous and the means by which he will obtain victory is unclear. So again he must rely on his own sense of faith to accomplish his mission Very will written, I personally felt inspired by it. It seems that the article itself is meant to instill a sense of faith in the reader following the trend of the game. Important to note that faith is often achieved during the times that look the bleakest. Anju and Kafie are able to forgive each other in the face of eminent death because at that moment they are able to realize with their brief amount of time the only thing that matters in their promises they made to eachother in an innocent act as children. And perhaps the imminent destruction looming over them is the only reason they Were able to forgive eachother and realize what really mattered. Its easy to believe in yourself when everything seems good, but its the being able to keep that faith no matter what against the worst of times that truely measures that faith. That tests it and truely instills that faith in your character. The measure of a man is not him at his best, but how he comes back from his worst. God Bless and Have Faith.


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